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Tata Aria DriveTata BaruTest SUVMobil MotorsMobil

Tata Aria DriveTata BaruTest SUVMobil MotorsMobil

In October 2013, PT Tata Motors Distribution Indonesia (TMDI), as Agent licensee (APM) in Indonesia Tata Motors, Tata Safari Storme has been launched to the market the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in the country. With the support of the 2.2-liter diesel engine DOHC 16-Valve VVT VariCOR, Tata Motors claims that this SUV uncompromising!

Frankly, in March 2014 and then, we certainly never felt this Indian-made SUV when TMDI invite some online media crews to the tea garden area Puncak, West Java. However, TMDI again offer to try out the product, the Tata Aria or Tata Storme. Finally, we also chose Tata Storme.

We tested Storme in the tea gardens are a lot through the cobbled streets. This time, we tried in the field onroad, including freeway aka motorway. Unfortunately, when entering the highway Pondok Indah, as usual on the road conditions have been met queues of vehicles. Understandably, congestion along the expressway Pondok Indah - TB Simatupang are familiar sights on Friday afternoon. So, we were not able to feel the performance of the machine that facilitated the Variable Turbine Technology.

The trial was resumed the next day. Around 7am, we"ve been down the Cibarusah region, one of the areas in Bekasi, West Java, which is flanked by Cikarang, Bekasi with Jonggol. For information, currently Cibarusah currently undergoing development area very message. Start of infrastructure, housing-industry to new housing being built.

Back to Tata Storme, while walking down that Cibarusah area, we accidentally discovered a land excavation and sand-like tracks in offroad racing. Tata Storme was deflected entering the land of red soil-filled bumps. Just trample land paved with red soil slightly moist and muddy the tires sized 235/70 16-inch diameter was immediately filled with soil.

Moist soil makes SUVs weighing 2,050 kg able danced and writhed in the quarry land. In fact, we could feel the roar of the engine capacity 2.179cc capable of producing 140 hp performance at 4:00 rpm, with maximum torque of 320 Nm in the engine rev 1700-2700 rpm.

Not only recognize a compromise on the side of the kitchen spur, Tata Motors also designed Safari Storme with a spacious cabin, quality materials which provide comfort to the driver and six passengers. Sporty and elegant design also appears on the dashboard and a speedometer that is more attractive.

On the exterior, with the use of heavy iron material and quality, as well as the addition of body molding, making Tata Safari Storme more handsome. Coupled with a stylish dual exhaust embedding stylish and strong foot step that makes a SUV True!
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